Jacobo the Turco
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"An engrossing, lushly written, sometimes bleak, but often exuberant meditation on human connectedness"
—Kirkus Reviews

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With snippets of news, scholarship, and a host of classical and experimental forms, Jacobo the Turko explores the braided rivers of human kinship by tracing the misadventures of Jacobo Bitar, a young Ecuadorian of blended heritage and naïve dreams.

Jacobo the Turko recalls the poetry of William Carlos Williams, Nicolás Guillén (Cuban national poet), and Rita Dove.

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Tragicomic take on Gitmo

Jacobo the Turko is a novel in verses quite unlike any other. Phillip Bannowsky’s linguistic dexterity and exceptional musi-cality create a unique narrative voice—the perfect voice to tell this picaresque tale that is a wild gumbo of characters and adven-tures, politics and class, and the absurdities and cruelties of mo-dern life. Bannowsky’s visionary blending of novel and poetry—and letters and documents and rap and prose and concrete poetry, etc.—is nearly indescrib-able, so strap yourself in for a wild ride and see for yourself.”
—Jim Daniels (The Middle Ages, poetry; The Perp Walk, stories)


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Jacobo the Turko
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Phillip Bannowsky is a poet and novelist who draws on his experiences as Navy brat, autoworker, international educator, and human rights activist to address the human mundane vs. historical juggernaut. Having spent 31 years chasing the assembly line at Chrysler’s now shuttered and razed Newark (Delaware) Assembly Plant, he taught secondary English in Ecuador and Lebanon and The Poetry of Empowerment at the University of Delaware. He is an associate editor at Dreamstreets magazine and was the 2017 recipiant of an Established Artist Fellowship in Poetry for his then work-in-progress, Jacobo the Turko: a novel in verses.
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